Movies You Need to See During Summer ’17


One of the best things to do during the summer is going to the movies. Schools are out, people are taking vacations from work, and it’s time to chill.

Make sure to take advantage of the matinee at theaters especially if they have specials on their snacks! College students should check to see if a student discount is offered as well.

Make it a girls’ night and see A Girl’s Trip (July 2017) or make it a family night and see Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature (August 2017). There’s a movie for everyone. There are so many great movies that need to be seen and not enough time to see them all. Here are a variety of films to consider watching for the summer.


Going to the movies and watching a scary movie with a theater full of people is one of the best experiences. Everyone gets jumpy and scared at the same time. The scary movies that have you wondering what goes bump in the night are the best. Your favorite possessed doll, besides Chucky from Child’s Play, is back. The prequel to Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation will be in theaters in August. Scary movies are limited this summer, but that leaves more excitement for Halloween time.

Here are a couple of the scary movies that’ll be in theaters & the Annabelle: Creation trailer:


There have to be some movies for the kids to enjoy during the summer. These movies are great for the family and for those who are kids at heart. There are a couple of popular movies that are coming out with sequels: Despicable Me 3 (who doesn’t love Minions), and Cars 3. There’s also a few movies original movies (Leap, The Emoji Movie) coming to theaters that look interesting enough to check out.

Here is a list of the animated movies in theaters for the summer & the Cars 3 trailer:

  • Cars 3 (already in theaters)
  • Despicable Me 3 (June 2017)
  • Leap (August 2017)
  • The Emoji Movie (July 2017)


There are so many amazing action movies that are coming to theaters for the summer. The Marvel franchise is one of the best (if not the best) action movie franchises. They have a few movies coming out this year that looks like they’ll be off the radar especially the Black Panther trailer that was released during the NBA Finals. For the summer, Marvel has Spider-Man Homecoming in theaters. Marvel doesn’t disappoint. The dynamics of having Idris Elba and Matthew McConnahey in a film together is enough reason to see The Dark Tower.

Check out the preview for The Dark Tower & the list of more action movies released this summer:

  • The Dark Tower (August 2017)
  • Baby Driver (June 2017)
  • Spiderman Homecoming (July 2017)
  • Wonder Woman (already in theaters)
  • Transformers: The Last Knight (June 2017)
  • Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (already in theaters)
  • Atomic Blonde (July 2017)


There are some interesting and anticipated drama films for that’ll be out this summer. The movie Detroit, coming to theaters in August, is about the police raid that happened in 1967 Detroit causing one of the largest riots in the United States. The Book of Henry is a luring film about a woman and her son discovering the dark secret of a family next door. The anticipated biopic about rapper Tupac Shukaur, All Eyez on Me is currently in theaters.

Watch the trailer for All Eyez on Me below & see the list of other drama films:

  • Ghost Story (July 2017)
  • All Eyez on Me (already in theaters)
  • Detroit (August 2017)
  • The Life and Death of John Gotti (August 2017)
  • Wind River (August 2017)
  • The Book of Henry (already in theaters)



There’s plenty more movies coming to theaters for the summer. Which movies are you looking forward to seeing?






How to Make a Smooth Transition to Another College


You started college at a two-year college to save money, or you’ve been going to college at a university and you don’t like, so it’s time to transfer. It’s important to ‘have all of your ducks in a row’ before you transfer to another college. I can’t reiterate enough to be aware of deadlines. Don’t wait until the last minute to send in any of your information. I’ve compiled a checklist so you’ll be ready to transfer and focus on excelling.

Apply to the college you want to attend: First thing’s first, have those applications (or application) ready to fill out along with the application fee. Make sure to know when the deadline is to apply and make sure your GPA meets the transfer requirements. If you need to have an admissions essay (which you probably won’t), get someone to read it for you like your advisor.

Make sure your credits transfer: It’s CRUCIAL that you know that your credits at your current school transfer to your future school. It would be disappointing to put in all of that work to realize that you have to retake classes you’ve already done well in. Check with admissions with the college you plan to transfer (and your current admissions) to in order to know if your credits will transfer.

Fill out your FASFA & include your ‘new’ college on it: Unless you just have it like that, you might want to apply for financial aid. Make sure to know the financial aid deadline for the university you’re planning to attend, and to fill out your FASFA will the university (or universities you want to attend) listed.

Pick your housing arrangements: Do you plan to stay on campus? As soon as you know you’ve been accepted, fill out the housing application and be aware of their deadlines. Be prepared to pay your housing deposit. If you don’t want to live on campus, scope out apartments in the area or student living apartments. There’s usually student housing apartments off campus close-by. University Parent has a great site that maps out housing in the area of the college.

Send your transcript to your ‘new’ college: Students need to send an official transcript from their current college to the college they will be attending. Usually, students can log onto their student account and request a transcript to be sent, but they can also visit the registrar office and request an official transcript be sent to their future college.


Do you have any tips that can help with the transfer process? Leave a comment.

Stories About Successful Millennials Who Thought Outside of the Box

There are PLENTY of stories about successful millennials who made their money from thinking outside of the box. That’s the main way to separate yourself from the competition. I’ve read some stories that really caught my attention, and I’m sure most people have heard about them already. If you haven’t, here’s a post to get your creative juices flowing. Here are three of my favorite stories about millennials who became a success from thinking outside of the box. While you read this post, I hope that it’ll get you thinking about your own business ideas. Dare to be different.

4 Things to Do to Make Your Summer Productive


Most of you are finishing up with finals week or you’re already finished. Summer is finally here, so what’s next. There are plenty of options for the summer, but it’s important to make some progress towards your life goals. It’s cool to get some relaxation in especially right after finals. You must make sure you get some sleep in since you’ve been sleep deprived for most of the semester, but don’t be idle. “An idle mind is the Devil’s playground.”


Here are some ideas you can do to make your summer a productive one:


Summer classes

Taking summer classes isn’t for everyone. It’s a real time crunch to get everything done. Personally, I’ve taken Maymester and Summer classes, and Maymester is shorter but less difficult than Summer classes (but that’s just me). Summer classes are great to help you stay on track for graduation, re-take a class that you didn’t do so well in during the semester, or for you to take a couple extra classes to graduate early. It can be a little depressing since you can’t really enjoy your summer, but if you’re about being focused, summer classes work in your favor. If you can, try to see if you can take some classes online, so you won’t have to make a trip to campus, and save money for housing (if you needed to stay on campus to take classes). If the college during enrolled in for the school year is further away than you live (hometown or where you commute), try to see if you can take summer classes at another college close-by and transfer those classes back to your original college.



The summer is a great time to take on an internship. You won’t have to worry about the constant grind of taking on classes and an internship. An internship is a great way to gain experience and have a better understanding of what you want to do within your career field. Try to get an internship that pertains to your major, and that’s hands on for you. Make sure to check out How to Save Time With This Job & Internship Resource List to find an internship.


Find a Part-Time/Full-Time Job

Working for the summer is another beneficial option. I would say the extra money is always needed, but in a college student’s case, money, in general, is needed. Work and save up money for school supplies, food, décor, book, etc. As a college student, money goes so quickly, so saving some money for your supplies will help you out when the Fall semester starts up. Help yourself progress financially. Take it a step further and find a job within your career field to work for during the summer.


Learn Something

Take some time to relax, but also take some time to learn something. Learn a new language with Duolingo. Duolingo teaches Spanish, French, German, and more. Take a cooking class. Learn that software program to add to your resume. YouTube would be a good place to find video tutorials on software programs. Let’s face it, YouTube is a great place to learn a lot of different skills. Take time to read what you enjoy. Reading a textbooks, notes, and handouts for a semester messes up the enjoyment of reading, but summer is the perfect time to start a reading list and start reading something you enjoy.




There are plenty of places where you can volunteer for the summer. Find something that interests you and volunteer with the organization. If you like animals try your local humane society. Did you use to be a girl scout & you love their cookies? Volunteer with the Girl Scouts Inc. If you like working with the elderly try volunteering with your local nursing home or help Meal on Wheels. The possibilities are endless. Volunteering can also help you gain insight into your career field and gain experience. If you missed the internship program for the summer try to see if you can volunteer with the same company. Volunteering could turn into an internship. Volunteering can help you gain that experience you need.


Whatever you do for the summer: be productive, make some progress, and make sure to take the time to enjoy yourself.

5 Popular Companies That Let You Work From Home


The job market has gotten somewhat better, but it’s still pretty tough to find a job. People are constantly searching online to find a physical location to work, but some people haven’t considered working from home. Working from home gives you the benefit of saving gas, saving money on constantly buying lunch, and saving your stress level on dealing with people (to an extent). There are tons of jobs saying you can work from home to earn money. It can be hard to distinguish what’s a scam and what’s not. It’s important to work for companies that are legit, so why not work for companies you’re already familiar with?


Here are five popular companies where you can work from home. Each company has their own requirements for your home office setup. Before applying, make sure to notice what equipment you will need and will be provided (if any), the type of internet connection (most won’t let you use Wi-Fi), and the specifics needed for your laptop.



If you’ve ever had to move or had new neighbors move in, you should be familiar with U-Haul. U-Haul offers a couple of work from home positions. At least six months of customer service experience is preferred but isn’t required. U-Haul provides paid training. The positions are part-time or seasonal. Reservation agents get paid $10 an hour plus a bonus. Call Center positions provide benefits for part-time employees and flexible scheduling. Call center representatives only have to deal with incoming calls.



Think you’re a pro when it comes to Apple products? Apply to work with AppleCare. AppleCare employees get paid for five to seven weeks of training through an on-screen advisor and are able to receive help from their team of co-workers via video chat. Part-time employees get paid leave and an employee discount, competitive pay, and there’s room for a career advancement with Apple. An iMac and headset with be provided for employees.



Xerox does more than makes copies. The document solutions company offers multiple work-from-home positions. There’s everything from software programming, data entry, and technical support; to name a few. Xerox has a Heroes at Home program where they provide work from home job placement for veterans and military spouses. Xerox provides employees benefits just as: paid holidays, elderly and childcare resources, retirement savings, and more.



Amazon is the giant in online shopping. Endless selections of books, CDs, DVDs, and more. Amazon offers competitive part-time and full-time positions. They offer customer service representative positions, management positions, as well as corporate type positions such as HR. The states that offer Amazon positions are limited. For more information about the qualifications click here. Make sure to check Amazon’s list of great benefits. There’s everything from time off, stock options, health, and an employee assistance program.



Hilton is a major company in the hospitality industry. Hilton offers two different work from home positions: Customer Care and Reservations Sales. Customer Care representatives answer customer questions, and Reservations Sales representatives help cater to a customer’s specific travel needs. Employees need to be available nights, weekends, and holidays. Hilton offers part-time and full-time positions with starting pay is $9 an hour with an incentive pay. The more you sale (as a Reservation Sales rep) the more incentive points you earn.





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Be Prepared for the Short Essay on Exams With These Tips


I’ve taken so many exams where there is a short essay portion, and most of the time I’ve done really well on them. Most professors will give you a study guide where they list possible essay questions that might be on the exam. You cannot ‘wing it’ on this part. You have to be prepared. Don’t wait the night before to start. The best advice I’ve received about writing short essays is write down everything that comes to mind. Some professors give partial credit for a point made, so write everything that you can think of.


When you’re given the study guide in class, the first thing you should notice is how many choices there are for the short essay. Ask your professor how many short essay questions will be on the exam. I’ve had some professors list four or five possible short essay questions on the study guide and two or three of those will show up on the exam.

When you know how many short essay questions will be on the exam, start going through the main points for each question. Let me tell you now, you won’t remember all of the information for all of the questions.

  • Examine each possible short essay question.
  • Go through each question and write down the main points.
  • Pick two or three of the possible questions and try your best to memorize those points.

Again, when it’s exam time you won’t remember everything, but write down everything you can remember. Partial credit is better than no credit. Make sure to pick the questions that you’re more familiar with. If you’re not familiar with any of them, it’s best that you have your main points together days before the exam.

The more you learn for the essay portion the better. Answers to essay questions can be a question for your multiple choice part (if you have multiple choice & essay exam). Also, a question that’s on your multiple choice could trigger an answer for your short essay.

  • Write neatly during the exam.
  • Don’t try to BS it. Write the main points and keep it moving. No time to waste.
  • Be thorough with your answer. Make sure your professor knows what you’re saying.
  • Always leave some space between your short essay questions in case you think of something else to add to it.

The same rules would apply if you had to write an essay for your exam instead of a short essay. Always time yourself. Answer the questions you know first, and go back to the rest if you have time.


College Textbooks Lesson 101: Renting versus Buying


When you’re new to the student life there’s tons of information that you don’t know about. You go to your classes, receive your syllabus, and your professor tells you to purchase your textbook you need for class. Of course, you automatically think to go to the bookstore to buy your textbooks, but that’s where you’re wrong. One of the worst things you could do is purchase your college textbooks from the bookstore on campus. Why? The prices at the bookstores on campus are usually outrageous! The majority of the time, when you buy your textbooks from the bookstore and try to sell them back at the end of the semester, you’ll receive little to nothing for them (if anything at all). You have to save yourself as much money as possible in all areas. I wouldn’t recommend buying a textbook from the bookstore UNLESS you need your book ASAP and that’s the only way you can get it fast enough.


Believe it or not, there are other options than buying your college textbooks from the bookstore on campus. The VERY best option that I have to point out first is renting your textbooks.


Renting your textbooks is cheaper than buying them, and at the end of the semester, you’re not stuck with them if the bookstore doesn’t buy back your specific textbook. It’s a smoother process. Rent your textbook, use it for the semester, take it back (or send it back) at the end of the semester, and save yourself some money. Most bookstores on college campuses allow students to rent their textbooks. If that option is available for you, and you need your textbook right away then go with that option.


Now, let’s take it a step further:


My favorite place to rent college textbooks is Chegg. If you haven’t heard about Chegg, let me tell you, it’s a life saver. Chegg has great pricing on textbooks. You can rent your textbooks on their site, they’ll send them to you quickly, usually in the meantime they’ll let you access a digital copy on their site (I’m not sure if it’s on all of their books), and at the end of the semester you simply send your textbooks back to them without being charged. Make sure to hang onto the Chegg box your books came in to send your books back to them. Chegg also has to tutor on their site.


Another site to rent your textbooks from is Bookbyte. I’ve used them as well as Chegg, and Bookbyte is a great site as also. You can rent or buy (renting is better) your textbooks from them as well, and they don’t charge you to send the books back at the end of the semester. You can sell your textbooks on both Chegg and Bookbyte. ValoreBooks is another option where you can buy, sell, or rent your textbooks similar to Chegg and Bookbyte.


There are places where you can purchase your textbooks at a cheaper price. Honestly, it’s so much easier to just rent your textbooks unless the textbook you need is part of your major. Textbooks are great to have as a reference guide for later. I highly recommend to buy and keep textbooks for that reason but either than that stick to renting.

Amazon is one of the top places to buy cheaper textbooks and to sell your textbooks as well. There’s usually a good selection of cheap textbooks to choose from, and they’ll get to you in a timely manner. Are you an Amazon Prime member? If you are, that’s definitely a plus for you to get your textbooks to you faster.

Ebay has a site called Half where people can buy cheap books in general. I haven’t tried them personally, but I still recommend checking them out if you can’t find the textbook you need at the other recommended sites.


There are plenty of other places where you can rent or buy textbooks, but these are your best options.

Let me leave you with a couple of tips:

  • Buy the international version. The international version of your textbook will have a different picture on the cover and the page numbers MAY BE a little off, but the information is the same. Make sure you get the right edition.
  • If you have an e-reader like a Nook or Kindle, try to see if your textbook is avaiable to download on it. It’s an even cheaper solution than renting or buying. Make sure your professor allows e-books/pdf versions in class. Note: All textbooks aren’t available through e-reader.

College Essential’s Finds of the Week

I always seem to find so much great information online that I love to share with everyone, but I always wonder about people who missed what I shared from Twitter or Facebook. Now, I decided to share what I’ve found through Storify every week (as of now every week). There’s plenty of articles, scholarships, contests, etc. that I find and share, so I want to make sure that you see it too, and don’t miss out. Make sure to follow the blog on Twitter and like the page on Facebook  There’s plenty that will be on either social media account that I won’t share through Storify. Be sure to keep an eye out for the ”Finds of the Week.”

As always, make sure to visit the blog.



How to Save Time With This Job & Internship Resource List


There are tons of websites where people can search for a job or internship, and it can be an overwhelming process. I wanted to create a list of job and internship resources in order to help lessen, if not eliminate, the stressful and time-consuming search process. There’s a mixture of sites that are for internships and for jobs and some of the sites are for both.

There’s plenty of sites that aren’t listed, but I listed the ones that seem to be more beneficial:


Intern Queen

Lauren Berger is the founder of Intern Queen. Intern Queen has an amazing directory to search for internships based on the industry, location, and season. Her site also includes her blog ( Lauren has a variety of topics, mainly about internships, but her topics on her blog range from career, resumes, interviews, and more.



Looksharp allows students and recent grads to find internships and entry-level careers. Looksharp has some great resources. Their resources provide tips for getting the job, resume and cover letter samples, information on how to find the right company for an individual, and more.



AfterCollege is another site that allows students to search for internships and entry-level positions, but there’s an even better twist. AfterCollege allows students to enter their college, major, and graduation date to find jobs. AfterCollege goes even deeper where students can find out what’s it like to work at different occupations, what hiring managers look for in an employee, interview processes, etc. AfterCollege’s blog provides TONS of important on various topics as well.



Linkedin is the top site for finding employment. Linkedin is not only good for finding a job but also an internship. Users can search for an internship using the search box at the top of the site. Linkedin is great for networking with other people and finding a mentor. Linkedin’s ProFinder is a tool for freelancers looking to find employment and vice versa ( Sign up and fill out your profile. Great way for people to find you especially recruiters.



HerCampus is a site that contains all things college. HerCampus has articles from everything on beauty, life, tv shows, career, etc. They also have an internship and job board where users can search for a variety amazing opportunities.



Glassdoor is one of my favorite sites. Glassdoor is a job search site that not only allows people to search for a job. It allows employees to post a review of the companies listed and interview questions they were asked in order to receive the position. It’s like a rate my professor but for companies. Salaries for different positions at companies are also listed. Glassdoor also provides blog posts to help with finding a career and information on companies in different industries.



Idealist is a site where people can find volunteer work, employment, and internships in the non-profit sector. Idealist also provides information for events, people, organizations, and blogs related to the non-profit industry. Under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, people who owe student loans can be forgiven of their student loans if they work full-time for a non-profit organization. For more information visit: Federal Student Aid.


Internships is part of Chegg where students and recent grads can find summer work, internships (paid, unpaid, & virtual), and entry-level careers. Resources are also listed on the site for students, educators, and employers.



Indeed has to be one of the largest (if not the largest) job search sites. Indeed lets users find jobs in the states or internationally. Find a job on the web, on your smartphone, or through your e-mail with Indeed. Some employers will allow you to apply for a job through Indeed by simply clicking to apply by having your resume re-uploaded on Indeed.


Again, there are plenty of sites to search for a job or internship. Feel free to explore more or add your suggestion in the comments suggestion. I highly recommend checking into more than one of the sites listed. Good luck on your search!

Reasons to Make a Good Impression on Your Professor

The basic fundamentals of college: getting up, showing up, trying your best to do well, pass, and on to the next one. When you’re trying to secure a job (a career even) after graduating, you need to go a step further.

It’s important that your professor remembers who you are….in a good way. Don’t be one of those students who are always late to class, don’t pay attention, don’t ask or answer in question, but just fade in the background. Your professor needs to know who you are and even what your career goals are. I’m not saying that you need to be a teacher’s pet, but you need to make sure that you’re noticed.

Make sure to ask questions in class and participate in class discussions. Everyone has moments when they’re late to class, but don’t make it a habit. Professors remember that; trust me. Don’t sit at the back of the class. Do your best to do well in class and if you’re struggling, go to your professor’s office hours. They remember that too.

Why is it so important for your professor to remember you?

Professors have connections, and they can become your connection. They know about scholarships, internships, or job opportunities. If you’re looking for any of those especially in a specific field that your professor teaches, talk to them about it. They can let you know about the opportunity, and help you prepare.

If you already know about an opportunity and you need a letter of recommendation, your professor is a great person to ask. The more they remember you for being a good student or at least trying your best to do so, they can write a better recommendation for you.

Professors are great for answering questions. Most of the time they have the work experience in a field that you want to enter into. I had a professor who frequently read and answered her e-mails, and I e-mailed her a few questions as her former student. She remembered me and gladly answered me back.

They can prep you for interviews in the field that they teach and most likely where they’ve previously worked in. The more guidance you have the better.

Your professors are your initial connections that you make in college. Always put your best foot forward!